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Topamax cleft palate/cleft lip Birth Defect Lawsuit. If your child was born with a cleft palate or cleft lip birth defect and you took Topamax during your pregnancy, ...


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Buy Topamax online to treat migraine headaches and seizures caused by various conditions and illnesses.


Feb 12, 2007 ... Hi, about 3 weeks ago, I started a patient on Topamax for weight loss..... it is an off label use, but well known side effect. She came back today ...


Topamax and Pregnancy do not go well together.Topamax birth defects in new born infants.


In a number of randomized, controlled clinical trials in the 1990s, Topamax was significantly more effective than a placebo as adjunctive therapy for patients with ...


Topamax tablets 25mg are used to treat epilepsy and prevent seizures, also to prevent migraine attacks. The active ingredient is topiramate and you can buy ...


I'm on a (well to me) low dose of Topamax, and there is a side effect of depression. Do any of you take Topamax, and have had that side effect?


Topamax, also known as (Topiramate), can be used by itself or along with other medications. Topamax can be prescribed for many different problems.


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